Friday, August 2, 2013

Kids Party - Low Cost Ideas!

Summer is coming to an end, i say so since school starts this month!
However i thought i should share a few ideas i came up with when i was planning my 4yr old Son's birthday. I wanted to make it fun exciting and Most of all cost effective since it was a tough time in terms of finances but as a Mom i could not let my Baby Boy down.
All i wanted to see on his face was a Big Smile and as we all want to hear "Mom that was the Best Party Ever!" (Super Mom!)

Here is what i want to share with you!


Most of our cities/communities have recreational parks and some of them are free to use without paying a holding fee.
The great thing about these parks they have playgrounds and great open space for the children to play and run around.
The only problem which I personally do see is, the free parks are on first come basis so what will happen will be that you will have to share the facilities with someone else.
The way I see it the more the merrier!!!


I recycle my decorations, with this I mean I tend to re use the decorations for another party unless they are not good to use.
I will buy decorations that will work with either a boy or a girl and for special touch I would add something to their interest.
So all you have to do is make sure that the decorating and taking down the decorations is carefully done.

Plates, Cups, Napkins, Forks, Spoons and Knives.

Always buy in Bulk or for me I do so because you can get them at a good deal and also you will always find them handy no matter what, it does not have to be another party.
All you got to do is take them to the party and bring back the ones not used.
I have noticed that I used to spend a lot on special items in addition to the decorations and you get just a set of 12 at a very high price and you get to trash them when your child out grows the character.

Food & Drinks;

Drinks I for one went for the 24pc Box of Jug juice that cost me $2.50, Water 35btls @ 2.99 I can assure you I had a few left in all and also one thing I noticed is if they wanted it cool or chilled I bought a bag of ice and put in the cooler and that depending on size it cost me $1.69.
For food again I went with the good special pizza deals and also bought the store brand chips in a bag of 18pcs and they are variety bags and you can buy 2 bags at $5.00.

Cake & Dessert

For my sons birthday cake I recycled one of the round cake packages from the supermarket that was an expensive cake that I luckily got and now am not doing it again, bought his favorite cake mix from the store and made a cake and decorated it with Spiderman colors and I should say it looked expensive and not home made since it was in a store package and to add to that home made cupcakes.
For dessert I added Popsicles which I managed to get on the BOGOF special, 1 bag has/had 34pcs a very lovely treat for everyone as they ran around all this less than $10.00.


To complete a fun outdoor kid’s party you will need a Piñata, I bought a good deal Spiderman piñata and for the filling I used what my children had collected from Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Birthday Parties, in terms of Candy , Small Toys, Stickers, Tattoos and many other small things that we collect and we just pile up in the house while we can use and not spend on buying new stuff and also help in getting rid of the Candy in the house I filled the piñata and I would say all the kids had Fun!!!   


Since we are outside we try to bring the fun that we as a family usually have when we go to the park, by including our family fun games, bubble makers, Frisbee, jump ropes, soft balls, football, balloons and with this we create our own fun instead of hiring someone to bring us the fun and all the kids have a variety of things to do and play.

With all the above I can assure you, you will have a great Party at a very low Cost and your little one will definitely have a Birthday that they will Love.
Remember if their friends are there and they have a playground and they can run around that is all that matters and in their little Eyes it’s the Perfect Day!!!!!!!

So do not try to do so much and spend a lot or try to go over your budget to make a Perfect Day!!!!!!

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